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TxDOT eMail AddressesWorking backwards (But since I'm not into genealogy, forward is the default), 1995 was the year I began life anew. After working in the Texas Highway Department (They call it TxDOT nowadays - maybe it'll catch on), for a little more than 32 years, I jumped on their early retirement offer.  I enjoyed working for the Department and I still enjoy keeping in touch with old friends who remain in the salt mines.  To help us all keep in touch easier, I've begun a kind of database here to TxDOT employee/retiree eMail addresses -
What I do now for fun & PROFIT
 Alchemy Engineering 
Internet Applications
Website Design
Graphics Design
Heavy & Technical 
Mechanical Work
Electrical and Plumbing
 Techless Racing Enterprises 
Custom Roll Bars & Cages
Custom Welding & Fabrication
Competition Driving

Patricia & me

Patricia & Me

Sold! Scott, Amy & Mark Jedda, Jake & Jaime 2 Cuties - Ashley & Christine Another Cutie! Samantha Mark, Joe & Karen Fishing
SCCA Houston Region
1998 Solo II
C-Stock Champ
My wonderful kids
Scott - Amy - Mark
Where's the Guinness?
Three, four legged pals
Jedda - Jake - Jaime
"Hey Dad, we going huntin?"
Ashley & Christine Samantha
Mark, me and
his wife Karen
deep sea fishing!
Everyone wonders what I do with all my spare time... The 6000 words immediately above illustrate that my attention is directed to Autocrossing, enjoying my (adult) children, playing with my 4 legged buddies, missing my granddaughters Ashley and Samantha, and an occasional fishing trip. I haven't even mentioned computers. Or programming, or politics, or the Internet, or -- well, you get the idea. There isn't enough time to go around, I'm entirely too busy goofing off!  The Stock Fiero and a more recent Street Prepared 240Z are history.  

Here's the new ride - At 2001 NationalsAt 2001 Nationals

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