Joe Rogerson's Relatively Painless 
10 Step Recipe For Political Freedom
(relative to the alternative, naturally)
  1. Sell off 90% of government assets, including land and buildings, to private ownership.
  2. Eliminate Medicare and Medicaid along with the FDA, OSHA and close every BGB (Big Govt. Boondoggle) such as the departments of Education, Energy, Agriculture, Transportation, and Housing.
  3. Eliminate the federal reserve.
  4. Liquidate welfare and its Social Security System cousin, awarding the proceeds to their current participants.
  5. Partial birth abortion is murder and should be similarly punished - but not by the federal government which has no authority to do so.
  6. Gun control is a ridiculous and absurd notion.
  7. The Income Tax is an indiscriminate Value Added Tax on the time, labor and property of every citizen, but hits consumers at the end of the chain of commerce the hardest.
  8. The term "MEN" or "MAN" in the Constitution means "HUMANS" in whatever form they take. All colors and polarities. Homosexuals and heterosexuals. They all have the same rights and responsibilities. This includes equal liability for the consequences of their behavior.
  9. Repeal all federal laws of prohibition. Pardon all nonviolent prisoners convicted of victimless federal crimes and set them free.
  10. Restore to every US citizen their constitutionally guaranteed freedom from coercion and cease all attempts to usurp individual rights through the collectivization of their individual responsibilities.